Christian Renewal Ministries Donation tithe

透過點對點付款( PayPal 或 Zelle)奉獻

Send money online via “Zelle”

各大銀行都有提供 Zelle 網上付款服務,請透過您的銀行網頁,或 得查詢此服務。
Most major banks provide this online banking service by using the recipient’s email address. You can check your online banking site to see if they provide this secure payment option via Zelle.

You need to provide the following information:
(A) 受款機構的電子郵件地址(必填)
Recipient’s Email (required): [email protected]

(B) 受款機構正式名字(必填)
Recipient’s Name (required): Christian Renewal Ministries

(C) 請註明您的資料 (必填)
Notes to Recipient (required):
Please include your name, address, phone number, email, fund designation.

使用 Paypal 奉獻

通過Paypal捐贈給Christian Renewal Ministries,使用[email protected]作為收件人電子郵件

Donate to Christian Renewal Ministries via Paypal use [email protected] for recipient email